Basic Tips On Maintaining A Brand New Mercedes-Benz

After owning a luxurious car like Mercedes-Benz in Dubai, its maintenance should be the first priority for the owner. He must take some basic precautionary steps in order to avoid any accidental damage or expensive repairings. There are a number of reliable stores and online sites available which offers the original and durable Mercedes parts in Dubai. So if someone‚Äôs Mercedes-Benz had gone through an accidental collision then he should see it here for the replacement of the damaged parts inorder to restore it’s original condition as soon as possible. Here are some basic tips through which one could protect their brand new Mercedes-Benz from any kind of damage and to reduce it’s frequent costly maintenance.

Appropriate parking:

The owner must select suitable parking for his brand new Mercedes-Benz. The parking area should be covered properly to protect the car from dust, rain or storms. The owner must avoid parking his brand new Mercedes-Benz under direct sunlight as the heat will damage the aesthetic appearance of the car. On the other hand the parking area should be properly cleaned on daily basis to avoid any dust accumulation inside as it will negatively effect the car’s exterior. In addition the parking of the Mercedes-Benz should also be safe and secure as well.

Proper cleaning:

A brand new Mercedes-Benz should be properly cleaned on daily basis to remove any dirt or stain. The owner must make sure that excessive water in not being used in the car’s washing as it may lead to rusting of the metal surface. Secondly the cleaning must be done by a microfiber towel because any other old cloth will ultimately result in undesirable scratches on the car’s body.

Smooth driving:

The owner must also make sure to drive his brand new luxurious car cautiously and smoothly as the rough driving is going to effect the functionality and longevity of the car’s engine resulting in frequent visits to the workshop. On the other hand smooth driving is also very important to reduce the chances of accidental collisions.


It is very important for the owner to take his brand new Mercedes-Benz to a reliable and well known service station atleast once in a month for car’s deep cleaning. On the other hand monthly servicing will also detect any minor problem in the car and fix it appropriately as soon as possible.


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