Challenges of Augmented Reality

Believe it or not but the augmented reality was started in 1990 and it was first coined by Tom Caudell, he was one of the Boeing researchers which means that this technology is just introduced in the last 30 years. 

Before this technology, people were happy with kinetic games and sensor games and applications. But there is another fact that before virtual reality and augmented reality, there was Hololens and Oculus Rift which was mainly used in all kinds of games in mobiles and in computer games. 

But now things have been different now the companies that are connected with the augmented reality, they earn more then two or three million dollars in a year and the according to different surveys where people have shown that people who have business linked to augmented reality, by the year 2021 they will be making more than 8 billion dollars and by the year 2024, they will be making more than 2050 they will be making more than 20 billion dollars. You can get augmented reality mobile apps.

The first challenge is that it lacks business models. To make this thing understand you need to see this example, let’s say that you have a lot of money and you want to open a business that is linked with the augmented reality. 

You have a very vast plan but the thing is that the coders and developers and engineers are not understanding and they propose a model that is related to your project but it is completely different from what you want and you don’t like it. Then even if you like it and the coders and developers and engineers start work and all of a sudden you decide to change the project in the middle then the coders and developers and engineer refuse to work for extra hours. Get more info here.

Then the second challenge is that it lacks a lot of augmented reality app and design and development standards. This is the kind of technology that needs a lot of hardware and a big team. That is the only reason that engineers are needed to be hired in this work. It requires a lot of maintenance and a it lacks proof of concept for construction projects. It requires a lot of discrepancy and it requires a lot of construction progress monitoring.


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