How to celebrate your boss’ birthday

It is not as same as celebrating the birthday of your family member. CEO or chairman is not your friend or companion. There is need some formality and decency. That’s the reason why there is need to have some maturity and soft colors in the celebration. Yet, it does not mean to make it very formal that it becomes indigestible for a birthday man or woman to enjoy it. However, there are event management companies in UAE, which can cater you in this. So if you are feeling confused and nervous how to arrange then call them and have some arrangements. You can read here about how to work with them and get the best result.

Location: You have plenty of options in location. You can either celebrate it in closed space, big halls and rooms, or you can prefer large gardens of your office to make the day special. Yet, you have to decorate the place well. Instead of balloons and strips, you have to pick exhibition stands and designed tables and chairs to make the place look impeccable. The place should be large. You have to call cleaners and peons to clean it.

Cake: Cake is the most important part of it. Call the best company of the town or city and give them order to make three stand cake because it is official event, somehow. Go with white and off white topping because it is not the birthday of a teenager. You can have decoration on the cake but it should be simple, delightful and lovely that would consist of usual cone like toppings and decent flowers. You can add some cool this like decent animated picture of the CEO to make it funny.

Food: Food is must. Pick any favorite restaurant of the boss and ask them to make food for 1000 people around. Pick numerous dishes according to the taste buds of the senior and boss and boss’s family. You can select some sweet, spicy and beverages. Arrange the food like it is arranged in weddings on long tables in large silver boxes. You can even go for some change if you want to but it should not ruin the function.

Songs and fun element: It is must to add. You can call favorite band of CEO to please him or her or you can arrange any theatre and dance to let everyone entertain themselves. There are so many things you can do. You can ask senior to give some speeches that would consist of light-hearted moments or you can have band performance along with speeches.

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