How To Master Dune Buggy Drifting

Dune buggies are the epitome of adventure, designed to conquer the challenging terrain of deserts and sand dunes. While they’re commonly associated with off-roading and thrilling rides, there’s an art to dune buggy drifting that adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

Understanding dune buggy dynamics:

Before diving into dune buggy safari Dubai, it’s essential to understand the dynamics of these off-road vehicles. Dune buggies typically feature rear-wheel drive and rear-engine setups, which impact their handling. The engine’s placement over the rear wheels provides additional traction for drifting. Additionally, dune buggies are lightweight, making them nimble and responsive, ideal for maneuvers like drifting.

The basics of drifting:

Drifting is a controlled technique that involves sliding the vehicle through a turn while maintaining control. It’s crucial to begin with the basics. Find an open, safe space to practice your drifting skills, and start with low-speed turns to get a feel for the dune buggy’s behavior. To initiate a drift, approach the turn at a moderate speed, then lift off the throttle while simultaneously steering into the turn. The combination of reduced speed and steering input will cause the rear wheels to lose traction and slide.

Feathering the throttle:

To maintain control while drifting, you’ll need to “feather” the throttle. This means gently modulating the accelerator to balance the drift. When you feel the rear wheels start to slide, apply slight throttle to stabilize the dune buggy. Feathering the throttle allows you to control the slide’s intensity and direction.


Countersteering is a crucial technique in dune buggy drifting. When the rear wheels slide out, you’ll need to steer in the opposite direction to counteract the slide. For example, if the rear wheels start to slide to the right, you should steer to the left. This helps maintain control and keeps the dune buggy from spinning out.

Practice and patience:

Mastering the art of dune buggy drifting takes practice and patience. Start with wide turns and gradually work your way up to tighter and faster drifts. Focus on developing a feel for the vehicle’s behavior and how it responds to your inputs. Each dune buggy may have unique characteristics, so understanding your specific vehicle is essential.


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