How to Start a Property Development Consultancy Company?

Property development is a thing which is becoming an emerging field but it is also a thing which requires a lot of skills but it also involves high risks as well. People who even have slightest of knowledge about rules and laws of buying and selling property, they become property development consultants. And if you are a person who has all the ideas about this field and you are planning to start a full business in it then this is the article for you. In this article, you will see different steps of starting your own business of property development consultancy.

First, you will a lot of money or an investor who will fund your company because you will be hiring some good agents and the best agents can demand a very salary. Because they will be bringing in a lot of clients and a lot of commission for your company as well. You will need an office and a license for your company and the license of a property development consultancy will require a lot of money as well. Or there is another thing that you can is buy properties and mark them as yours, for example, you bought a certain property that costs up to 100,000 AED and you have put it up for sale and after an year that property can become 120,000 AED because the prices of properties always goes up and for that again, you will need a lot of investment or a good investor.

You will have to build a team, a team which will have different agents of course, you will need a good accountant because if you have a lot of money coming in then you will need to hire more than one because keeping track of all money can be difficult. If your company provides more than one services like; making the building for the customers, then you will need labor on standby and different contractors and builders as well who will be working with you on commission basis. You will also need to hire an insurance company who will give you best plans for your company and for the properties that you own. You will also need to choose a sector or different sectors like; will your company be only dealing with domestic properties or your company will only deal with commercial buildings or offices? For that you can get suggestion from different companies who give the services of property valuation in Dubai.


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