Things to Know Before Owning a Dairy Farm

If you are thinking to open a dairy farm, then you have landed on the right website, because we will be telling you all about owning a dairy farm. Of course, you will need to decide that what kind of milk will you be providing to the industries and to the factories, either it will be goat’s milk, will it be cow’s milk, will it be camel’s milk because the list can go on and on but the basic animals will be these only. Because that is the only permission you are going to get because drinking the rest of animal’s milk is not legal and no one knows that it is safe or not.

That is why to decide between these three animals, you need to see your budget as well because raising camels will take a lot of investment, on the second number are the goats and on the third and the easiest animals are the cows. You must be wondering that cows should have been on the second but the fact is that goats get ill soon and when they get sick, they die really soon. And the medicines made for them are really expensive and, in comparison to that the cows are tough creatures and they don’t get sick. And even if they get sick, their medicines are cheap and easy to buy as well. The goat’s meat is more expensive then the cow’s because, the goat’s feed is very expensive and the there are 10 times more proteins in the meat of the goat. While the cows can eat any kind of greens they like and they don’t get sick at all.

Above all, triple these expenses combined and you will have the basic expensive of keeping camels, so, we will cut the option of keeping camels and milking them as well. If you have decided between a goat and a cow, now, you need to build a huge shed. If the shed is not big enough, there are different PETA investigators, who will come randomly and see if the animal is suffering, they will have a case filed and lock your farm for good. So, make sure that the farm has a huge space and it must be airy and full of water and grass to eat. You can also sell and buy sweetened condensed milk and click here to get dairy products suppliers in Dubai.


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