Uses of Solar Energy

With the passage of time water is reducing day by day almost all over the world. Its becoming huge issue for everyone, glaciers is melting day by day. And global warming is increasing every day and scientists are thinking about it that how to resolve this issue. They are doing their best find the new ways to live in the earth which seems hard to live. Now Scientists have introduced solar energy, which is taking off day by day most of the countries. Which is very good thing because it is the best alternative of electricity. Renewable energy in Dubai is a very good thing to be introduced because it is shinny area and solar energy needs Sunshine so it will work good in Dubai and it would be good initiative for the government to take.  They can use this energy for water pumping or for official or for providing the electricity within the country. It will replace the electricity and they can save their electricity. And it will provide jobs in this industry too that can reduce the unemployment rates. Solar energy can be used for different purposes.

Here are uses of solar energy.

Solar water Pumps:

In rural areas where electricity have not reached yet this solar water pumps becoming good thing for the people. They are using solar water pumps to generate water from the deep of the earth. Because they can generate electricity from the solar energy can get water. They are using it for irrigation of their crops and for swimming pools for watering their livestock.

To get Electricity:

Most of the people and countries have started to get electricity from the solar energy even in cities people are using solar energy to use their heavy machinery like electric motors, Air conditioned, and for the lightinening of their house. They are not depending on electricity which government is providing to their citizens. They have installed solar energy panels on their rooftops because it covers huge area.

For heating the water:

This system is using at home for heating the water. In cold areas where there is no gas when they need to take bath or other uses they use solar energy to heat the water for their personal use.

For ventilation:

Some industries are using this application for their office ventilation to make it cool for your employees. This is good option for the offices. Visit for further details.


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