What food should you serve in your wedding?

Artist management agency can help you out in arranging songs and DJ in wedding but what about food? Food is expensive to

arrange. yEt, there are some dishes which are cheaper and easier to make than many others. in fact, you can prepare them by yourself too. Some of them are:

1) Cake: Wedding is the day of joy; therefore, having a cake is must. You can think of serving chocolate cake or brownie and if you have money, so you can opt strawberry cheese cake or red velvet but pick what you and visitors like the most and what is reasonable and affordable for you otherwise food will become burden on you.

2) Vegetable noodles: Vegetable noodles is favorite of everyone. If you know how to cook or if it is your specialty then cook it in big pot by yourself for guests and people. The guests enjoy homemade food more than the food ordered from stores and restaurants. 

3) Salad: What about serving rich green salad to your guests with desert and wine to make the event look natural and the day of happiness? You can prepare plates of green fresh salad and keep them on plates with style to make it look WOW. It will attract them to have it and have fun and joy. 

4) Stuffed chicken: Everyone loves to have chicken that would have stuffing of cheese and mayonnaise with pepper and fried vegetables. They are tougher to prepare but if you have a friend who loves to cook then prepare it a week before wedding and fry it day before wedding. It will relieve you from the tasks and make the event cheaper for you and your partner. 

5) Fries with cheese dip: Cheese and fries are must to have at every place and the dish is easy to prepare. All you have to do is to fry a lot of French fries and prepare the dip. For French fries, put the cut potatoes in wheat flour for hours and then fry them to make it crispy. For cheese dip, use a lot of cheese and some herbs for serving. 

6) Whipped and creamy potatoes: It is the lightest and the easiest dish to prepare. People like it and enjoy it. It is cheaper to make as well. All you need is a lot of potatoes, cream and machine. Besides, you would need herbs and spices to make it tasty. 

So, these are a few dishes which you can serve in wedding. So, spend on entertainment agency abu dhabi to get best music and serve the best homemade food.


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