Scoliosis can potentially end careers

 A formula race driver would be shattered when been diagnosed with scoliosis. Keeping aside the severity of the curve, the thought process of the driver gets affected. The driver would need to work with a team of doctors to get back on track. 

Detecting scoliosis at the earliest: The earlier the driver gets diagnosed, chances are better for prolonging their careers. When it comes to the longer run, the parents and the racecar driver should have a list of scoliosis centers in Abu Dhabi alongwith the best psychiatrist in Abu Dhabi to choose from. The slightest curve in the spine is a strong indicator to get the spine checked and treated accordingly particularly for a teenager who is on the way to becoming a professional formula race car driver. Leaving scoliosis untreated and undetected could potentially halt a racer’s career. The longer the delay, the individual would find it extremely difficult to compete in the international arena.

Competing with scoliosis: Competing in a professional race demands that the driver needs to be physically fit to endure hours of constantly driving. The driver would not realize that by not listening to his or her body, the curve in the spine gets aggravated further. When the driver feels that the spine starts acting up then there is a need to visit a scoliosis doctor. 

Importance of examinations: After carrying out the relevant examinations the scoliosis doctor can give a detailed explanation of the causes of this condition and also discuss the severity of the spine. When it comes to severity of the spine. a minor curve would require non surgical methods. 

Benefits of physiotherapists: An experienced physiotherapist who has the right technique should be able to work on the spine keeping in mind of its fragility. If the individual is unable to benefit from physiotherapy sessions then the spine cord needs to be surgically repaired. Surgery should be done when the teenager turns into an adult as the spine would still not be developed.

The pain of being away from the tracks: Post surgery the driver would find it mentally challenging to get back on track. It is important to understand that the driver spends time of the track and only a psychiatrist would be able to revive the individual by engaging in useful conversations which is one of their traits.


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