Weird Food to Try in Dubai

Food is a necessity and even if anyone says that I will not eat this and that but the fact is that everyone will eat anything when there is apocalypse or there is a curfew. Dubai is known for its culture and heritage and that is why it is also famous for its all types of foods and cuisines. But who knew that Dubai will be also hiding some weird foods! It must be hard for you to believe but that is why we have come up confirm sources that mentioned foods can be found in Dubai. So, the first is the Sea Cucumbers in China Sea. Sea cucumbers are very nasty looking sea things and they look hideous as well but still people manage to eat them. You must have seen many videos on social media platforms of Chinese girls eating geoducks that seem like you know what we mean that the sea cucumbers are the same thing. We wouldn’t disrespect any food including Pura gym food in Dubai and any preference but this one could only be related to organs. But if you want to visit, the restaurant is in Al Makhtoum Street in Deira.

There is the Nkhaat pane which is served in Sarai. This is actually lamb’s fried brain and it is served with bread and brain soup. All sounds good but the smell of this dish is really bad, why we say that it is bad because the restaurant itself cooks the dish in different corner of the kitchen. Because if they don’t do this the restaurant will be filled with smell and even other dishes will become smelly. This hotel is located at Jumeirah Beach Residence, JBR, Bahar Dubai Marina. Then there is a dish called the Lamb testicle hot pot, this is served by Xiao Wei Fang. As obvious, this dish has a pot filled with lamb’s testicle. The testicles are washed, peeled, seasoned, marinated, fried and then served with different bread and salads. This hotel is situated in Deira.

Then there are 100-year old egg served in JoyBean café. These are actually 100-year old duck eggs preserved in ash, salt, lime and rise husk. These eggs become like jelly form and people said that when they ate it, it gave a smoky taste and looked like eye balls. This hotel is in Dusit Princess City Center Dubai and one egg costs 40 dirhams. Click for more information in this regard.


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